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Dynect migration from UltraDNS follow-up

Several months back I migrated a very high volume site from Neustar UltraDNS over to Dyn’s Dynect service.  I am following up with another post because I believe it is important for folks in the IT community to share information (good or bad) about vendors and technology that they use.  All too often the truth is obscured by NDA’s, marketing agreements, etc…

So here it is:  I have not had  a single issue with Dynect since I made the transition.  There is not much to say other than that…

I have not had any site reachability issues that I can point the finger at DNS for, and I have never had to call Dynect support.  I have not even had any billing snafu’s.

The Dynect admin console still rocks with cool real time metrics.

It just works.  The pricing is reasonable.  And the guys/gals that work there are just cool folks.

P.S.  They even added a help comment to the admin interface to address my concern of not being able to modify the SOA minimum TTL value.  It now says you can contact their Concierge service if you need the value changed.


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