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Gigabit Point-to-point Wireless

For a couple years now I have been aware of a startup company called BridgeWave that has come out with some very cool radios.  These devices provide 100 megabit or gigabit point-to-point connectivity using the (unlicensed) 60 ghz band or (licensed) 80 ghz band.  With ranges from half a mile to 6 miles (depending on the unit), these radios are a great building-to-building bridge solution for LAN’s, or last mile access solution for Internet.

If you have line-of-sight between two places you need connectivity, and can get roof rights on both, these can provide a very cost-effective solution.  Their newest product the SLE100 provides full-duplex 100 megabit connectivity with an MSRP of only $9,995.  This unit is also powered by PoE so the only cable you need to run to the units is a CAT5 cable.

For those that have security requirements, they now have models (or add-on features) to enable link layer AES encryption.

There are of course pro’s and con’s to using wireless, but if engineered and installed properly they can beat the availablity of landline based service (i.e. it is hard to put a backhoe through your wireless beam).

P.S.  I also have good things to say about a company called Freewire Broadbandwho is a local reseller and installer of BridgeWave radios.  I have not personally used them, but their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.


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